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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bandana Dress for Toddlers!

Bandana Dress for Toddlers!

I like to sew, but don't have the patience for big projects.  I also don't have a sewing machine, so I sew every project by hand (which can make even the most simple projects a tedious task!).  This project was so simple and took only about an hour and a half to sew by hand (and that was with my adorable two-year old assisting me with the thread).  

The first step is easy, or it can be difficult if it's hard for your to make decisions, and that's choosing which bandanas you want to use.  Bandanas are sold at Walmart and Hobby Lobby for just $1 a piece and come in a plethora of colors.  I chose a pretty lemon-lime green.  I resisted the urge to get pink and decided to expand my daughter's color scheme-haha!  So...pick two bandanas, either that match or two that would complement each other (keep in mind one pattern will be on one side of the dress and the other pattern will be on the other side of the dress.  

Do not cut or trim your bandana unless you are making it for a very small child.  My daughter wears size 18 months and it fits her ok.  It also is big enough to fit her probably until she wears a 3T-4T as well without any alterations.  After you have the two bandanas, line them up to where their sides match almost exactly.  Then only sew the left and right sides together leaving about 4" unsewn at the top of each side.  After the left and right sides ONLY are sewn together with the flaps left open at the top, you are then ready to begin the second and last sewing step.  (Again, if you have a sewing machine, this project would literally take less than 5 minutes).  Take the top sections of the bandana that are left open, and fold over about an 1 1/2" and sew a loop to run the drawstring through.  Only sew ONE bandana at a time, making two separate sides.  Like so:

After you have sewn both of the sides of each bandana, you will run a ribbon, that is about 3" longer on each side of the dress, through each loops on both bandanas.  Then slip the dress over your little girl's head and tie each sides of the drawstrings together and tie them into bows.  And viola!  You've made a dress for about $2.50 and minimal work!  

Hope you have fun with this project like I did!   =)

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