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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things You Should Never Buy...If You Coupon!

If you coupon…
There are MANY things you should never pay even one red cent for!  Below is a list of things, in my years of experience in couponing, that I have determined there is absolutely NO reason in your ENTIRE life that you should EVER have to pay cash for.  Keep reading, because I've also enclosed a pretty extensive list of things you shouldn't pay more than $1.00 for as well =) 

1. Razors. 
There are ALWAYS coupons to get you free razors…sometimes they are even moneymakers!  They aren’t the world’s best, award-winning razors, but they work to shave the stubble!  In my stockpile right now have three blades…not too bad for free!

2. Toothpaste.
Seriously, do not EVER pay for toothpaste!  If you live in an area where stores double coupons, it is COMPLETELY unnecessary for you to EVER pay for toothpaste.  Colgate and Crest alike issue $0.50/1 coupons that double to $1.00/1, on a regular basis.  Stores like Kroger and Meijer often put Colgate and Crest on sale for 10/$10.00, making them free.

3. Tooth Brushes.
Unless you are a stickler for $10.00 toothbrushes, or will only use the motorized kind, there’s no reason in the world you will ever need to pay for toothbrushes with anything other than a coupon.  The situation is similar to toothbrushes, but includes the Oral-B brand.

4. Protein Bars.
I’m not a huge fan of protein bars, but my husband is near the size of a stick figure and eats them when I have them.  Again, I live in an area where Kroger doubles coupons, and there are a LOT of coupons for $0.50/1 protein bar coupons that double.  Every once in a while, if you’re lucky and keep a watchful eye,  you will find a printable coupon for $1.00/1 Pure Protein products, which include their protein bars, which are often $1.00 each at many major retailers.

5. Pantiliners.
That seems to be the ONE thing that ALL couponers have an abundance of.  Hmm…maybe we should all start donating some to some local charities?  There are very often coupon for $1.00/1 pantiliners for more than one brand.  Keep an eye out, and you’ll have a neverending supply!

6. Denture Cream.
Especially as of late, there are an overabundance of coupons that will get you name-brand denture adhesive cream for free, or will even give you overage!  I, personally, have all my teeth intact, but I donate to a family locally who is able to really benefit from my couponing!

7. Air Fresheners.
Especially the gel, solid kind!  OFTEN, Glade puts out coupons that work for any of their products and the general price for the gel solids is as low as $0.97!

8. Aspirin.
Or, most other general pain relievers.  Generally, you have to buy these in “trial” or “pocket” sized increments, but they last a LONG time if you get enough!

9. Allergy Medicine.
I can’t TELL you how many piles of Zyrtec, Advil Allergy, Allegra and whatever else I’ve come home with for free.  They often issue high dollar coupons that include a small count side, making them free after the coupon!

10. Tums.
Tums, Tums, Tums, TUMS!  Yep.  Free!  It’s often the 12 count little rolls that are free, and most of the time are a printable coupon.  BUT THEY’RE FREE!

11. Eyeliner.
NEVER pay for the stuff.  I don’t even wear it and know I can get a ton for free to donate every year.  DO NOT PAY FOR IT…with cash that is ;)

12. Nail Accessories.
Like nail files, buffers…and all other nail-like things.  There are always sales and coupons that coincide to get these items free.  Watch out for them and then stock up!  They make great additions to gifts!

13. Gum.
Packs of gum make it EASY to score free with coupons.  Keep an eye out and stock up when you can.  Make sure and store in a cook, dry place.  It can turn out to be a sticky situation if you don’t…yea I know…that was punny ;)

Now that we have gotten past all of the things you SHOULDN”T pay for, we will now move on to things that are acceptable for you to pay for…with $1.00 bill or LESS.  Below is a list of things you should stock up on when you can get them for less than $1.00 and shouldn’t pay more than that for them.

1. Paper Towels.
A lot of times you can get these for free, but they’re in this category because the chance to get them for free has been few and far between as of late.

2. Juice.
Whether bottled, or concentrated, NEVER pay more than $1.00 a bottle! Old Orchard is a great brand to get for this price on a regular basis.

3. Energy Drinks.
A great place to get coupons is the gas station.  Snag some for your favorite energy drink and wait for a sale.  Stock up and then NEVER pay more than $1.00 for them!

4. Candy Bars.  
I was gonna do a, “Never pay more than $0.50” category, but I just moved on to this one.  So pretend that this is in that category, and NEVER pay that for them!  In fact, sometimes they are on sale, and when combined with a coupon can be free, very often!

5. Nail polish.
I just scored a lifetime supply for free, but if you’re not so lucky, at LEAST don’t pay more than $1.00.

6. Deodorant.
Anything over $1.00 is a waste of money.  Even for fancy clinical kinds.  Just don’t do it.

7. Body Wash.
This is free a LOT of times, but easier to find for less than $1.00.  So I gave you a break.  Just don’t spend more than $1.00 and we’ll call it even.

8. Sliced or Shredded Cheese.
I know it’s big savings, but it’s totally doable and freezes well, so it’s easy to stockpile.

9. Peanut Butter.
For whatever reason, February and March are the months to get it near this price!  Keep your eyes open…it’s worth it!

10. Shampoo and Conditioner.
Even name brands like Pantene and Tresemme are easy to get for less than $1.00 and even at major retailers like Target or Walmart.  Wait it out, and get a great price!  It’s worth it!

11. Cereal.
It is SO incredibly easy to get them at this price, you hardly have to try.  So exert a little effort and don’t pay over $1.00!

12. Granola Bars.
Yep.  Easy-peasy! Easy to stockpile too.  Wait for a good sale and use those $0.75/1 coupons…so good.

13. Condiments.
Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, salad dressings, mayo or miracle whip, hot sauces…all of the above.  NEVER pay more than $1.00 for each of these! 

14. Pet Treats.
Unless you have a pet rhino or something…

15. Cake mixes and frostings.  
So easy to get name brand for less than $1.00.  And totally worth it!

16. Plastic Baggies.
Even name brands like Hefty and Ziploc often issue coupons for these to make them less than $1.00!

There are a lot more that I haven’t mentioned, but this should give you a pretty solid base to start from.  Hope this helps!  Soon we will be issuing another blog post on things that are or ARE NOT beneficial for you to make on your own.  Pinterest can inspire us all to begin making things we use on a regular basis, but there are just some things you should stick to buying or couponing for yourself!

Now...if you aren't couponing...why aren't you?

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