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Monday, January 16, 2012

Reinventing the Chair!

Last summer my husband, Paul, and I were at a garage sale and spotted an old wooden straightback chair with two broken legs.  Thinking we could breathe some life back into this old piece, we decided to get it (the lady ended up giving it to us in the end).  This chair has sat in my garage since then, collecting dust. Until last week.
     I am really bad at this whole "remembering to take pictures for a tutorial" thing, so there are several steps lacking, but I'm sure you can figure it out or add your own twist if you want to re-create this look.

I wanted to turn this chair into a towel rack and decor piece for my bathroom.  So I had my husband cut the "straightback" section of the chair off and another small piece (to use for mounting it to the wall) that I screwed to the back portion.  It still needed some gluing in sections.  As you can see below I glued the sections with super glue (because I'm impatient and didn't have wood glue NOR did I want to wait for the wood glue to dry) because it's what I had on-hand.  While the glue was drying I bound it with ribbon to hold it securely. (You can see the "mounting" piece of wood in the background that has yet to be attached.

After the glue had dried, I spray painted the entire piece.  When the spray paint was dry I used 180 grit sandpaper and rubbed it all over the piece to give it an "antiqued" or "aged" look.  After I had roughed it up enough to my satisfaction I had my husband help me mount it on the wall above the toilet in my bathroom.  The picture below is what it looks like before I added any decor.

I'm going for the "antiqued" and "shabby" look in my bathroom with browns and this light green.  So I looked for some items that would match that look.  I added a tin-type picture of my husband from when he was in high school and an antique book that I bought at a garage sale for decor (I covered this with a coat of clear-coat to ensure it didn't mold in the bathroom) and a brown hand towel (which was the whole reason I was making this project, was for a hand towel rack!) Below is my finished product, of which I am very proud of!!

So there it is!  I enjoyed making my very first DIY project and there are many more to come in the next few weeks as I finish my bathroom!  Thanks for reading guys.  Comments of encouragement are welcome and appreciated.  God bless!  Hope this week is filled with many bargains and blessings!  -Sammie

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