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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summerfresh Deals for the week of 01/08/12

  • At Summerfresh grocery stores this Friday, January 13th, only, Progresso soups are on sale for 4/$5.  Summerfresh also has a coupon for the month of January for $1/1 Progresso soup
Notice that this is a .pdf coupon so you can print a sheet and copy as many sheets as you will use.  Also notice that there is a "limit 1" statement on the Progresso coupon.  This means Limit one coupon per transaction.  So if you would like to use this coupon to get more than one can of soup, you will have to split your cans of soup into multiple transactions.  Using this coupon you can get each can of Progresso soup for just $0.25!
  •      Also, you will notice on that coupon sheet there is a coupon for $0.75/1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix.  Those are on sale this week for $0.98 each.  There is also the limit one rule on this coupon as well (see above).  When you use the coupon you can get each box of cake mix for just $0.13!!
  •      Like soda and chips?  On the same coupon sheet there is also a "Free Vess 2-liter soda with ANY Lays chips purchase" coupon.  This week Lays Stackers chips are on sale for $0.98 each.  This means you can get a two-liter of Vess soda and a container of Lays Stackers chips for just $0.98!
  •      Best Choice boneless, skinless chicken breast 3 lb. bags are also on sale this Friday ONLY for $5 each.
  • Hunt's canned tomatoes are on sale $5/5.  There is also a printable coupon for $0.40/2 Hunt's canned tomatoes This coupon will double and make it so that after the coupon the price is just $0.60 a can when you buy two cans!
  • Naval Oranges are on sale 5/$1 this week as well, good deal on great produce!
  • Ozarks Hearth loaves of Texas Toast (extra thick bread, great for French Toast!) just $0.89 this week!
     Take advantage of the $5/$30 coupon on the printable sheet listed above as well (ALWAYS use this coupon FIRST before presenting all of your other coupons to avoid any glitch with the computer) and you can get some even sweeter deals and support your locally owned grocer! 

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