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Friday, February 3, 2012

Things you should NEVER throw away!

I have compiled a small list of things you should NEVER throw away, for your own good!  You're gonna kick yourself when you realize what you've been taking out with the trash each week!

  • Dryer Sheets.  Used dryer sheets!  After you have done the laundry and remove the dryer sheet (if you find it and it isn't hiding in the sleeve of someone's shirt) save it, DON"T throw it away!  Dryer sheets make THE best shower/tub/toilet/sink cleaner I have EVER used!  Confession time!   I had a ring in my toilet, that had been there for months.  This ring came with a baby, when I was afraid to flush the toilet after she fell asleep for fear of waking her up.  gross I know, but it's true!  ANYWAY!  I had tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this ring.  I tried Scrubbing Bubbles foaming bathroom spray, Clorox toilet Wand cleaner system, Lysol toilet Cleaner, good old elbow grease, but NOTHING worked!  So, I tried a used dryer sheet.  No cleaner, no elbow grease, and it came right off.  I was so happy with the result, I cleaned me toilet, show, sink and then the guest bathroom toilet, shower and sink!  I've also heard this makes an excellent dish scrubber too, and I'd believe it!
  • Ever buy those cheese balls from Walmart, Target (my favorite), or your other favorite store?  We do about once a month and my daughter loves them!  When you finish eating all of their cheesy goodness ( I promise I let Isadora eat some ;) , SAVE THE CONTAINER!  Do NOT throw it away!  We use them to store toys currently (blocks, legos and smaller toys) , but I'm going to use them as a terrarium this Spring!  The clear plastic provides the perfect warm, moist environment for small plants to start them inside and away from that ever elusive "last frost".  You could also use them to store flour, sugar or other chips and pretzels!  You oculd also use it as a general snack tub and store fruit snacks, granola bars and other quick, individually packaged snacks!
  • Ever notice how cheap it is when you buy 2 1/2 dozen eggs in an egg flat, all at once?  It tends to be almost $0.50 cheaper PER dozen that way, but who has room in the fridge for a 2 1/2 dozen egg flat in their fridge?  Not me!  Save your egg cartons, just a few, and go ahead and buy the 2 1/2 dozen flat, and put them in the one dozen containers when you get home.  Easier fridge storage, AND you'll save about $1.25!  That would buy an entire other dozen eggs!
  • You know you've done it.  Dropped your eyeshadow, blush or foundation powder compact and cracked into a cracked, powdered mess.  DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!  There are quite a few variations on this one, some more complicated than others, but adding a few drops (3-5, depending on the size of the compact or pan) of rubbing alcohol to a cracked pan of eyeshadow and pressing with a spoon or a coin can make a broken powder product look like new again.  How simple, right? 
Have some more ideas?  Add them to the comments below! 
Hope your day is blessed!


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