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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mason jars for the bathroom?

I am currently re-doing my bathroom in shabby-chic style and have come up with some clever, well at least I think so, ways to make it look genuine and unique!  For a look at how I used an old chair as a towel hanger, just in case you missed it earlier, you can find that blog here.

My first idea to help change the style of my bathroom, was to change the light fixture.  I am running on a tight budget and wanted to do this cheaply.  My existing light fixture was neat in color, but the light globes were tacky and traditional at best.  Mason jars hold TONS of character, and I wanted to find a way to mount them in place of the light shades, and below if the result.  I LOVE IT!

Lights off:

Lights on:

I wanted a clever storage area to hold common bathroom items, in this case q-tips and cotton balls.  using a piece of wood I had left over from my chair-towel rack, I mounted two smaller mason jars on the wood and hung it on the wall next to my sink.  here is a picture, just before it was mounted on the wall.  You can't tell it by the picture, but these jars are off set, and one sits about 3" taller than the other on the piece of wood to give it symmetry.

My final Mason jar project for the bathroom (for now) was my hand soap dispenser. This was probably the easiest to make and one of the cutest to look at!  While I wanted to use one of the older style, blue-tinted mason jars, I opted for the clear glass so as not to clash with the green/brown theme.

Next week I will post a complete tour of my bathroom when I finish the town rack and hanging of the last decor items.  Thanks for reading guys, hope this inspires you some.  Now that I'm done with the bathroom, I'm excited to tackle the laundry room!  Keep your eyes open for updates on that project!  Blessings!

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